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You are in the right place, forgot about your bone, joint, spine, ligament problems.

Dr. balmiki kumar

Dr. Balmiki kumar

All test available

You will get all the pre-treatment tests done before the treatment at the nearest of clinic diagnostic centre like X-ray, blood-checkup.

All Medicine available here

You get the medicine used during the treatment here, You don't need to go out and search.

Complete Care

You do not need to worry about any kind of problem after treatment because we take full care of you.

patient in carvelance

You will be under 24-hour camera surveillance at Usha Ortho Center.

Relax clinic

After the treatment calm environment is very important which you will get here.

Friendly behaviour

All our clinic staff treat you in a friendly behavior.

Instant appointment with
Dr. Balmiki Kumar

Please visit clinic, you will get Consult with me immediately, Any problem related to bone, joint, spine, ligament should be met without any hesitation.

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Why to ChooseUsha Ortho Centre ?

Read all information provided by doctor for you , It will help to take decision about your health and Bone deases treatment .

More Experiance

Every year, more than 8k people come to usha ortho centre for care. Dr. Balmiki kumar is deeply experianced in treating rare and complex conditions.

The Right Answer

Getting effectve treatment depends upon identifying the right problem, 90% of patients who came to usha ortho centre for second option of treatment and get new refined treatment.

Seamless Care

Every aspect of your care is coordinated and Dr Balmiki kumar provide exactly the care you need. What might take 1-2 week elsewhere can often done in days here.

Unparallel Expertise

usha ortho centre treatment is the best in India. Some of news paper already cover Top Bone treatment centre. Dr Balmiki kumar consistently ranked among the top orthopedic surgen in india.

Who is Dr Balmiki Kumar


Dr. Balmiki Kumar is a best orthopedic doctor in patna who is successfully treating people since last 15 years. He has expertise in Bone, Spine, Joints, Ligament surgery. He has also worked as a Professor of Orthopedic in NMCH for many years. He has completed her MBBS (Hons) from PMCH Patna, MS(Master) from PMCH patna, and FIMS form USA. He has been associated with Mahavir Aarogya Sansthan for the last several years.He keeps making headlines in the media by giving free treatment to many people many times.
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who is dr balmiki kumar

Clinic Visiting Time

Days From To
Manday 8:00 A.M
2:00 P.M
6.00 P.M
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Tuesday 8:00 A.M
2:00 P.M
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4:00 P.M
9:00 P.M
Wednesday 8:00 A.M
2:00 P.M
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9:00 P.M
Thrusday 8:00 A.M
2:00 P.M
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Friday 8:00 A.M
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Saturday 8:00 A.M
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Sunday 8:00 A.M
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6.00 P.M
10:00 A.M
4:00 P.M
9:00 P.M

Note : Emergency Service available 24 hours.

What our patient Saying?

I am polio patient and my right leg was fractured badly, and there was bone infection near pattela, someone suggest about Dr balmiki kumar, i got treatment among six month and finally i recovered 100% with my fractured leg.

Mithlesh kumar

I had a ligament injury due to a fall and a patella fracture as well, I got treated by Dr. Balmiki Kumar for about 4 months after that I got better. I didn't believe that I would be able to walk like before. but i can walk.

Sangam kumari

I slipped and fell while descending the stairs. After that 3 bones of my spine were broken. I was able to move properly. My spine surgery was done by Dr. Balmiki Kumar and the screw plate has been implanted in it. now i feel fine.

Dev kumar saha

FAQs for all patients

Could any medicine reaction to patient?

Yes, any medicine can reaction to patient, in this situation stop taking medicine and consult doctor as soon as possible.

How to care parts of body that is plasterd?

The organ which has plaster should be lifted and kept.

What is reason behind bone not healing?

Bones also need adequate nutrition to regenerate. Low levels of vitamin C, vitamin D, and calcium may prevent a bone from healing. An infection in the bone, which is called osteomyelitis, may also delay or prevent healing.

Tips to tighten your ligaments?

Prolotherapy is a treatment in which with the passage of time your ligament gets strength and stable the joint and allowed to relax muscle.

How to care for surgery infection?

Carefully obey your doctor's guidelines about wound care after surgery. Call your doctor if you feel a fever or heat, pus, redness, pain, or tenderness near the wound or any other signs or symptoms of a surgical site infection. The wound should always be dressed only with sterile cotton and Scissors.

Is surgery painfull process?

yes, most common orthopedic surgeries involving bones, are the most painful. But anaesthesia reduce pain upto 100% during surgery. However, some minor surgeries or those classed as keyhole or laparoscopic could also cause significant pain.

प्लास्टर एवं ऑपरेशन वाले रोगियों के लिए


कोई भी दवाई किसी को भी रिएक्शन कर सकता है, ऐसा होने पर दवा बंद कर शीघ्र मिले।

जिस अंग में प्लास्टर लगा हो उसे उठाकर रखना चाहिए।

हाथ या पैर को किसी चीज के ऊपर उठा कर या लटकाकर रखे (बताये हुए तरीके से)।

अंगुली या अंगूठा को बराबर चलते रहना चाहिए ताकि खून का संचार बना रहे।

अंगुली या अंगूठा में सूजन होने से या प्लास्टर टाइट होने पर जल्द से जल्द डॉक्टर से दिखाए।

अंगुली या अंगूठा के रंग में परिवर्तन होने पर जल्द से जल्द डॉक्टर से मिले।

पैर फ्रैक्चर वाले रोगी पैर पर वजन डॉक्टर के सलाह के बाद ही दें।

प्लास्टर के अंदर कभी-कभी (सूजन घटने से भी) हड्डी अपने जगह से (हट) सरक जाती है जो दुबारा एक्सरे से ही पता चलता है इस इस्थिति में प्लास्टर बदलना पर सकता है।

तसल्ली न होने पर दूसरे हड्डी विशेषज्ञ से सलाह लें।

स्क्रू प्लेट वाले रोगियों को चेतावनी दी जाती है की ऑपरेशन के दो साल के अंदर स्क्रू प्लेट निकलवा लें।

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